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Fixing Computer Issues With Software

One of the most annoying things with computers is the fact that they can just get so slow over time, or get viruses and other problems, or just start randomly crashing.  This can easily be handled, however, with frequent tuneups.  This sounds daunting to the average computer user who’s not a professional tech, but the reality is that it’s not that big of a deal – there are software programs you can buy and install that will help you to quickly clean and tune up your computer in just a few quick clicks, making it run smoother and with more stability.  There’s a site called Variance Net that can help you with the selection of the software that you need.  This site is aimed at the layperson or the person that doesn’t know a ton about computers.  The programs featured on the site are simple yet powerful, and should be able to be used by anyone who can download and install a software program.  Basically if you’re reading this article, you could run the software.

There are so many things that you can do to tune up a slow computer, such as cleaning out extra software programs, upgrading the RAM, and cleaning out registry entries.  There are programs for most of those operations (besides upgrading the RAM).  So check that site out today!

Annoyances – Outlook Problems

If you’re having problems with your Outlook email software then you might be suffering from a classic .pst file error or corruption.  This is more common than one might think.  Don’t panic, however.  These issues are often able to be easily fixed with the use of Outlook .pst repair software.  These programs are quick and easy to use, and can save you from a monumental headache.  I strongly suggest that you look into getting a software tool such as Stellar Outlook PST Repair.  This software tool is easily one of the better Outlook .pst repair programs on the market.  There are several articles on the web that feature this software as the best solution in pst repair.

There have been many testimonials from computer techs who have successfully used this software tool to really fix errors and problems related to .pst issues.

Running Into Outlook Problems

Recently we had some problems with the Outlook software at our office. It seems that upgrading our version of Windows caused several people’s .pst files to become corrupted and damaged – pretty much unusable. Obviously, panic ensued as people had lost a lot of important things. Apparently Suzie had some wedding pictures in there that were unrecoverable, and Dan had a few very important business documents that were time sensitive.

I did a bit of research and was trying to find a workaround by using scanpst.exe, but sometimes that wouldn’t work – the file was too corrupted. Ugh. So upon more research and Google wandering I found a program called Stellar Outlook PST Repair. I found it on a site called Sounds too good to be true, huh? Well I saw that some techs had had some great success with it, to the point where they often used the program for clients computers. So I gave it a whirl – it wasn’t a cheap program but it got the job done. We got mostly everything back.

The thing about Outlook that really kind of sucks is that everything is in that .pst file so if it gets corrupted you’re really sunk. Obviously this should underline the importance of backing up your files! This is something I’m really going to implement into the office as soon as I can. Until then, I guess I can recommend this program!

What Is Microblogging?

Instagram Has Blown Up The Feed

It’s basically blogging in a small format such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  The reason that micro blogging has risen in popularity these days is the presence of smart phones.  Most everyone has a smart phone these days, and these phones come complete with fully integrated methods of microblogging.  With a phone always at your side, it becomes much easier to instantly update snapshots of your life to the internet for your friends to consume.

The rise of Instagram over Facebook is, in my opinion, due to the sleek simplicity of the design: you don’t have to do much, and it’s fun to be artistic.  Instagram is much simpler, all you have is followers, and you follow whom you choose.  There’s no ambivalence over whether or not you should “add” someone as a friend.  It’s entirely less stressful than that.  The other reason Instagram has become so popular is just the simplicity of use: you don’t have to get into details – a picture is worth a thousand words, and everyone loves pictures.  We love to see pictures of what our friends are doing – of where they are, and to see their faces.  It’s much more personal, and appeals to us much more at a root level.

At first Instagram was more or less exclusive to the Iphone, lending a certain exclusivity to the program.  Then it expanded a bit and has become a bit more watered down, but it still retains its great following.

Posting pics and having your friends “like” and comment on them is quite addicting.  This is yet another reason Instagram leapt over Hipstamatic after it reached its tipping point.  Hipstamatic just got old pretty quick because of the realistic “wait” and development time.  Instagram didn’t have that.  And Instagram was (and is) entirely free whereas Hipstamatic had you buy new lenses and films, which seemed a little cheesy.

In other words, microblogging has arrived and is here to stay – unfortunately it doesn’t bode well for the written word as our attention spans continue to decrease.  It’s difficult to see the pendulum swinging in the other direction (towards longer prose) anytime soon, if at all.

In any event, try out some microblogging and see if you can put your own spin on it.  See how creative you can be within the constraints of the limited space.  It’s like Haiku for blogging.  See what new directions you can take!